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power yoga

Youth is about a constant rush of energy. This energy and enthusiasm can create wonders if stabilised and chanelised correctly; only then can it be utilised to the fullest extent and for the wellbeing of all. The first priority is to manage one's self and this is exactly where Yoga helps. It is truly a science of inner management; it creates a possibility of being peaceful and joyful inside in spite of adverse situations existing on the outside.

On June 21- International Yoga Day as declared by the UN- millions of people across the world practiced Yoga. India has for long been considered the land of spiritual sciences and yogis have travelled across the globe spreading the message of yoga and its resulting holistic wellbeing.

85 year old Bette Calman of Australia is considered to be the world's oldest Yoga teacher currently and is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Yoga literally means union, an amalgamation of the inner sensibilities with the reality of the outer world.
On June 21, 2015 the Indian Postal Service released a commemorative stamp to commemorate the first International Yoga Day.
Pranayama is considered as the most important step in yoga; 'Prana' depicting the life force and 'ayama' meaning extension, together resulting in the extension of breath.