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a day in the village

It is hugely different from the mechanised routine of the city that you and I are used to! There is a tranquillity in the village that you must experience to understand this. Coming? We are off to a village! To wander amidst the lush greenery, breathe air completely devoid of petroleum exhaust, walk along muddy lanes with paddy fields on both sides. Be ready for a new dialect, prepare for an easiness from people who actually grow and supply to the city the food you eat! Get ready to know the heart of your country!

Almost 65% of the Indian population lives in its villages and are dependent mostly on an agrarian livelihood. While villagers in hills use water from steams for drinking and washing; villagers in plains use wells, hand pumps or pond water. An Indian village is a closely-knit society and a guest of one is considered guest of all. Do not be surprised to face some unwarranted attention!

Dharani, a village in Bihar of 2400 residents, is the first fully solar powered village of the country.
Neelam is the village Sarpanch of Chappar village in Haryana where she has inspired the women not to wear “gunghat” but also to welcome a new born by distributing sweets, even when it is a girl child!
The Dhorra Mafi village in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district holds a distinction of being the most literate village in the whole of Asia. With a literacy rate of 75 percent, the village has entered the ‘Limca Book of Records’.
Every house in Shetphal village in the Sholapur district of Maharashtra has a resting place for a live Cobra snake in the rafters of the ceiling.