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Trekking is a simple adventure sport and requires no special skills, but only a will to walk along unknown trails and enjoy the bounty of nature, especially in the mountains. It is good for the spirit and excellent for health. There are no motor vehicles in a trek and hence no fuel fumes and noise. Moreover there is no other pollution either; you get to breathe pure air! A mountain trek often takes you through villages and one gets to meet the locals, taste their cuisine and learn little pieces of the native language or dialect. You will realise that in spite of the acute hardships they face, the locals are always ready to offer you the best possible hospitality, usually expecting very little in return.

Beginning around the 1970's, Trekking as an adventure sports in India has grown steadily and the current trends are promising. The country boasts of some of the most wondrous treks in the world- both in the forests and at various altitudes in the mountains.

One learns much in a trek - setting up a tent, emergency medical treatment, cooking a meal – at times for many, building a bonfire , map reading, and much more!
Sunscreen – with at least a 30 SPF is a necessity for treks to protect from harmful UV rays.
Pack light! A trek will teach you exactly how little you truly need; it will also reveal to you ow fit you actually are.
For longer treks, especially in less trodden routes, porters and guides come in extremely useful –especially when more provisions need to be carried.