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technology of newspaper printing

Newspapers are an integral part of every household morning but most readers have no idea of its printing process. Visit a press with us and watch a newspaper being printed, folded, stacked and packed. It is a fascinating process to witness white paper being inserted in gigantic machines and different coloured inks printing on them and finally columns of newspapers being delivered, tied up and being loaded on trucks for delivery- all at the click of a button! Learn about the different types of paper and the latest technology of printing and news transfer from the recorder of a journalist to the pre=set digital formats of a computer. Witness the news of tomorrow, today.

There are various instruments that come into play while printing. Apart from the printing machines, there are paper cutters, paper folding machines. There is also offset machinery that is able to print ranging from single color to 8 colors. Some of the leading brands used in this industry across the globe are Heidelberg, Komori, Stahl, Polar, Itoh, Nagai, Hamada and Adast.

Printing inks are tailor-made products, used to meet on end user demands. Today there are more than 1 million individual ink formulations in use in Europe alone.
Printing inks are not toxic products. Printing inks, when correctly used, do not place workers or consumers at risk. Raw materials used are not carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction (CMR).
Julius Caesar is credited for the first instance of a newspaper in 59BC. It was a daily list of announcements that was carved into metal or stone and displayed publicly.
Crossword puzzles are a popular part of all newspapers. It was published by the British newspaper Sunday Express in 1924.