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rock climbing

The thrill of extreme sports makes Rock Climbing an extremely engaging option. The process is bound to put your nerves on a tight wire and test your muscles to the extreme. While the harness will keep you safe and the seasoned instructors will guide you at every step, the sheer challenge of the outdoor will exhilarate you like never before. You will mount trees and balance on high beams. You will scale the rock face and at the final zone look down to know your ascent. That will be the moment of joy!

There are three basic rock faces- slabs, vertical faces, and overhanging walls. These are formed from different kinds of rocks like (1) Volcanic rocks like Basalt (2) Metamorphic rocks like Quartzite (3) Sedimentary rocks like Sandstone, Conglomerate, Limestone (4) Igneous rocks like Granite and Quartz Monzonite.

Focus on the food you eat, it will provide you energy and motivation
Carry high calorie food mixture of protein, carbohydrate and fat to replenish energy; drink water.
Volcanic rock usually forms vertical faces with occasional overhanging sections.
The six handhold grips are: Full crimp grip, Half crimp grip, Open-hand grip, Pocket grip, Pinch grip and Friction grip.