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Harness. Check! Helmet. Check! Carabiner. Check! Now, let us slide down the rocky cliff side using a rope. Let us Rappel! We promise you a day of fun, adventure, teamwork and new friends! You will not forget the knots you learn, the sense of fear just before you take your first step, the rumble in your stomach as you slide down the first length; but most importantly- you will always remember the strength of the trust you placed on your partner and team!

Rappelling is usually done in a group and hence you will learn to trust your partner. You will step out of your comfort zone conquer your fear of height. The immense mind and body coordination will instill faith in your own strengths and capabilities.

The word Rappel is used in USA; in UK it is called Abseil
Store ropes away from direct sunlight as exposure to ultraviolet light degrades nylon
Don’t wear a heavy pack—that will pull your upper body down
A 100-meter descent into a cave in Waitomo, New Zealand is the world’s highest Rappel