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radio jockey operations

RJ! It truly is ‘cool’ package! Radio Jockeys are always interesting. The job is a complete package of creativity, production, knowledge, manager along with excellent speaking abilities. There are no specific courses to learn being a RJ; however, there are a number of Mass Communication courses nowadays that teach the basics of the job. The primary capability of a RJ is to be able to relate to the audience.

The biggest challenge of a Radio Jockey is the creation of fresh content every day. One needs to be ones toes constantly in terms of happenings, news, latest developments. This lets one expand self-confidence and communication skills. Moreover, the work-life balance opportunities are incredible as there are no forced professionalism during work hours;

It’s all about infotainment and the content has to be updated each day.
24-year-old Rafia Rahim is the first woman radio jockey from Kashmir and has now become a household name after she hosted various local programs on the radio station.
For a RJ, the studio is the home; they do not get to travel much.
Howard Stern started his radio career in 1972 as a disc jockey on Boston University’s campus radio station. Today he is the world’s most famous RJ a net worth of $550 million.