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planting saplings

Watching something grow is a wonderful feeling! Have you ever seen a seed grow into a plant? Plants can be easily bought from stores, a wide "readymade" variety is available; but it is so much more fun to grow them yourself! To plant a sapling and watch it grow into a full plant is a magical experience. In this workshop, our experts will take you through the correct methodology of planting a sapling and the steps of taking correct care for it and helping it mature into an adult plant.

Planting trees has a wide range of benefits, but the primary one is the feeling of nurturing life with your own hands. It is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. For many, it develops into an active hobby and results in to a wide-ranging knowledge of surrounding flora and fauna. Moreover, it has often been found to instill a deep sense of peace and happiness.

Seedlings should be planted to the proper depth and firmly packed.
Keep saplings moist – dry roots kill saplings.
The root ideally should be planted straight down in the planting hole.
Do not plant the seedling too shallow, you run the risk of the root drying out.