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How’s your aim? Let us try it with Pittu- a traditional Indian game, boasting of a special place in Indian culture. It is also known as Seven stones. You place seven stones on top of one another forming a small tower and use a rubber ball to hit it! The game is also called Lagori, Saat-Pathar, Pitthoo. It involves speed, precision, and immense teamwork! Ready to sweat it out?

There are 2 teams.The first makes the Pittu, the second stops them from making it! The first team breaks the stone pile with a ball and runs; the second team hits the members of the first team with the ball! If all in the first team get “hit”, they are out; but if they manage to build the tower again in the meantime and shout “Pittu”- they are back in the game!

The game is all about physical ability – running, catching, aiming, observation and swiftness
In Maharashtra it’s called Lingorcha or Lagori
In Gujarat they call it Satodiyu, Yedu Penkulata in Andhra Pradesh and Garmaan in Kashmir
In Kerala the regular ball is replaced with one made using coconut leaves; it is called as Dabba Kali