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What does our eyes actually see when we see? The subconscious registers and memory retains only that which we truly want to see, only that which stirs our individual sensitivities. That is exactly what the camera registers too when we photograph. Thus, Photography is an extremely personal expression of our thoughts. The same subject photographed by two different photographers with the same kind of camera can look absolutely different! Come, let us try to photograph something – you and I; you with your angle of creativity and I with my thoughts on it. And then we will compare notes! Ready?

According to research, today we snap more photographs every two minutes than what the whole of humanity did in the 1800s. Statistics from 2015 reveal that people shared 730 billion photos per year on Facebook, 255 billion on WhatsApp and around 22 billion – on Instagram.

Individual faces appear more attractive in a group than when presented alone.
12 Hasselbald cameras that shot iconic images of the Moon's surface were left behind on the Moon to allow for 25kg of lunar rock samples to be carried back to Earth instead.
According to the Gunnies Book of World Records, the largest number of entries till date in a photographic completion is 353768 photos. This happened in 2012 in Netherlands at the Wiki Loves Monuments competition.
George Eastman, who founded Kodak in 1888, claimed that the word "Kodak" had no meaning behind it. According to him the letter K simply seemed "a strong, incisive sort of letter."