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packing tricks for a trip

Pack your own travel bag, absolutely on your own- we will teach you the tricks. It is simple and all you need to do is follow certain basic rules. Place all belongings you don’t feel comfortable with strangers handling in clear plastic bags. Do not stack books atop one another but spread them out throughout the bag. Never pack items like passport, laptops, tablets, smartphones and medications in checked bags. Do not check in a bag that can fit under your seat. Keep some clothes in your carry baggage- may be a hoodie, a set of underwear, a fresh shirt. Carry a digital luggage scale- it will help you evade shocking surprises. Ready?

There are certain simple methods that always prove good for travel. To avoid wrinkles and prevent stains pack your light colored clothes inside out; while dealing with rolling luggage consider how items respond to motion- a thumb rule is to store heavier items towards the wheels; keep toiletries packed in a transparent plastic pouch- it will help to find easily and also confine a leak; pack breakables (glass perfume bottle) in socks;

Re-use small empty bottles for shampoos, conditioners and the like.  They take up smaller space and save the money from buying travel packs.
Roll your clothes – it always saves space and minimizes wrinkles!
Use an old sunglass case to carry your charger, chord and earphones. They stay together, organised and consume less space.
People usually re-wear a pair of bottoms, than a top. So stick to a rule to avoid over packing: pack two different tops for every bottom.