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What is it to have no one? Unimaginable, is it not? Welcome to the land of orphans. Children who have only themselves to depend on develop contrasting characteristics; on one hand they become self-reliant; on the other hand, they have the continual search to belong- to a family, a friend, to someone. Will you be that friend or that family? Come with us for the trip to an Orphanage- have a peek at the land of people with no one. You will be surprised at the happiness you will bring them.

To lose a family and be placed in an orphanage causes children to have extreme difficulties in identifying and expressing emotions. They are easily overwhelmed; their behaviour is often volatile and they lack a sense of permanency. Caretakers change and once one leaves there is no further contact with them; children quickly learn that people leave and are never seen again.

Surprisingly, most children described as orphans have living relatives.
If all orphans formed a country, it will be among the 10 largest nations.
According to UNICEF, most orphans are above the age of five and hence are aware of what happened to them; therefore, carrying deeply painful memories.
A research study has found that the country's central and eastern regions are worse affected with the issue of orphans in comparison to the north and the south.