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Little things put together make up something big. We will explore certain simple chores that make up the life of a family:

  • We will learn to negotiate at the local Bazaar
  • Learn to fix simple electric connections
  • Handling the washing machine
  • Fix a flat tyre
  • Handle a medical emergency
  • Handling bullying
  • FMCG factory visit
  • Handling pocket money
Yes! We will go through sessions of them all, and more!

Be ready to be surprised at how much you can do yourself- easily and confidently! Be prepared to astonish your parents when they see you have been able to complete little chores absolutely on your own. Such small work combines to make up the daily routine of that wonderful thing called family!

Vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent for washing machine! Just two cups of white vinegar into the machine and run one cycle!
Electricity too travels at 186,000 miles per second- the speed of light!
For a simple burn, the best first action is to run cool tap water on the skin for 10 minutes!
To get the best deal at the local bazaar, be ready to walk around and compare!