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trip to kumortuli

We all wait yearlong for Durga Puja! But are you aware who creates the idols of the goddess? Nowadays, there are many art college students who have joined the trade and are doing remarkable work; however, most of the idols are created by the artisans of Kumortuli- the traditional potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata. This famous colony sculpts clay idols for various festivals. Kumortuli (kumor= potter; tuli= small space) is the largest abode of Durga protima (idols) in the world. Smell wet clay, let dry straw snap under your feet, navigate the lanes of history that shaped the evolution of Calcutta; come to Kumortuli with us!

The British East India Company started colonizing Bengal after its victory in the Battle of Plassey (or Polashi) in 1757 and decided to build a new settlement- Fort William- at the site of the Gobindopur village. The villages of Gobindopur, Sutanuti and Kalikata together gave birth to the later metropolis of Calcutta.

There are around 450 workshops/studios in the colony.
The earth – the main ingredient for the idols- is collected from different places in Uluberia, especially where the river flows towards the south.
Kumortuli has an awesome website – http://www.kumartuli.com/
Kumortuli supplies Durga idols across 90 countries including America, Europe & Africa.