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History is what happened in the past: Heritage is about the things from the past which are valued enough today to save for the future. Kolkata has always been considered the cultural capital of India. Monuments, palaces, memorials and museums- all are a part of the history of this glorious city and are witness to unprecedented drama. How about a trip down the lane of legacy? We will visit locations not so ‘touristy’ but an integral part of our heritage! Come.

Did you know that there is a memorial here dedicated to 896 Indian soldiers who fought for British in the World War 1? Which is the first Chinese restaurant of Kolkata as well as India? Care for lunch there? Or, what was Raja Rammohun's residence transformed into in 1996? Have you seen a bridge on a river that opens in the middle to let ships pass?

Tiretta Bazar Street is locally popular by the name Chatawala Galli.
The police museum has a fascinating collection of guns, bullets, artefacts, and history.
St. John’s Church was erected in 1787 using funds raised through a public lottery.
Prince Dwarakanath Tagore and King Edward VII were frequent visitors to the Belgachia Rajbari.