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Ready to duck, squat and dive? Join us for a game of Kho-Kho, a traditional game of India. This game is very physical, with lots of chasing, running, diving and squatting. All the action in Kho-Kho is provided by defenders and the chasers who try to dismiss them. It requires brilliant teamwork, concentration, strategy and quick decisions for the right teammate to take over the chase from another; with a loud shout of “Kho”!

This game helps in building physical fitness, speed, stamina and loyalty between team members. It is a classic sport that helps in building self-confidence.

In ancient times, Kho-Kho was played on 'raths' or chariots, and was known as Rathera
Kho-Kho originated in Maharashtra
In 1960 the first national Kho-Kho Championship took place in Andhra Pradesh
During the game only nine players from each of the two teams enter the court and 3 are kept on reserve