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Can you hold your breath? Then hop onto our Kabaddi team and have a fun day with friends playing the sport! Murmur 'kabaddi kabaddi' under your breath and grab onto as many as you can the other team's members. Scoot away when someone tries to latch on! Practice Pranayama and deep breathing into the wee hours of the night to perform better on-field the next day. Whatever you do, kabaddi is a serious rush of adrenaline for you and your friends!

Hold your breath or hold onto a leg! Learn to develop strategy, strength and skills to work in teams. It also develops confidence, concentration and tolerance in players. This game also provides a opportunity for healthy competitions among equal players and help them become friends.

It is believed that Kabaddi was played in India as far back as 4000 years!
The word ‘Kabaddi’ has come from a Tamil word, Kai-pidi, which means ‘holding hands’
Kabaddi is the national game of Bangladesh
While the origins of the game are still not clear, many believe the sport was invented by Abhimanyu during the Mahabharata battle at Kurukshetra