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historic and religious sites

Kolkata has always been a melting pot in every aspect- culture, tradition, religion, architecture, language, food and so forth. This will be evident as you visit certain sections of the metropolis, navigating through sites - religious and otherwise- that have been an integral part of the history of this city and contributed towards its unique cultural amalgamation.

We will spend some of the trip walking, there is no better way of feeling a city. Heard of the Bow Barracks? Ever been to Burrabazar? Been inside Victoria Memorial? Felt the exotica of the Jain temple? Those are just a few, there are more. It will be an enriching experience that you will be excited to relate to family and friends!

There is a classical collection of maps, coins, regalia, paintings, sculptures, dresses and more inside the museum of Victoria Memorial.
Sri Ramakrishna resided, for a part of his life, at the Dakhshineswar Kali temple.
The architecture of Belur Math is a union of Hindu, Christian and Islamic motifs signifying religious unity.
The Nakhoda masjid was built as an imitation of the mausoleum of Emperor Akbar at Agra. Its prayer hall can accommodate 10000 people. The word Nakhoda means Mariner.