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A Day Out on the ganges

They said that a thousand years hence, the river will flow. And it did. Do you wish to be a molecule flowing on the mighty Ganges too? Well then row row row your boat (with us). Cruise. Meander. Coalesce. And become one with the river over a day-long ferry. Did you know that dotted along the banks of the Ganges is Little Europe? Discover the Portuguese, Dutch, French and Danish colonial settlements along the Hooghly river. A small Dutch chapel here, a Danish fort there; a French strand here and an Armenian college there. Jump in on our day-long cruise. Spend the day letting the ghats let you in on their primitive secrets. Explore riverine fables. Dwell on a sunset. Simply be one with The River.

Soak. Not only in the spray that kisses your boat's deck but also in the sunset, that always looks everlastingly beautiful on the Ganga. Know more of the history of the river and get more acquainted with the story of its banks.

Ganga is the home for 140 different species of fish and 90 different species of amphibians, many of which are near extinction today.
Like the rest of the Ganges, the Bhāgirathi-Hooghly is considered sacred to Hindus, and its water is considered holy.
Between Serampore and Bandel in Hooghly district, also known as ‘Europe on the Ganges’ — is dotted with several prominent tourist spots that draw thousands of foreign tourists.
Ganges is also called the Hooghly, named after the first European settlement established in Bengal in the late 1500s.