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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for us, please read the FAQs below to see if the answer is here. If you still feel the need to speak to us please email your query to info.mylestone@gmail.com. Please mention your name and contact number in the email.

1. How can parents be part of the activities?
Along with your child, you may register yourself too. Please visit the SUPPORT US section of the website; the different ways in which you may be a part of our efforts are detailed here. Once you decide on the option/s, please email to us at mylestone.kaushik@gmail.com.

2. What about travel arrangements, will Mylestone Champs organise it?
Participants will have to make own arrangements till the event venue / prescribed pick up point on their own.

3. Will there be arrangements for lunch/dinner during activities?
Most of the events should not exceed a 3 to 4 hour span. However, in case participants feel the need they may carry their own “Tiffin”.

4. I am concerned about injuries. Will you have adequate medical arrangements during an event?
Yes. We will have arrangements for first aid measures and doctor-on-call, depending on the nature of the activity. Every activity will be conducted by professionals who have through understanding, experience and are equipped to handle every situation attached to the particular activity.

5. How safe is it to send my child to an event amidst complete strangers?
We have adult supervision for every activity; moreover every event will be conducted by experienced and trusted professionals. Thus, it is completely safe for all. We have children of our own and understand the worries that plague your mind; please remember, during the course of an activity, we take responsibility for your child.

6. Can children upload their work to your site?
Please email the content toinfo.mylestone@gmail.com. The decision to upload lies with our editorial team and we abide completely by it.

7. Can I create content or write for your site?
Currently we are use in-house team to create new content. However, in case you have an idea or a thought please email to us at mylestone. kaushik@gmail.com.

8. What is the expected duration of each activity?
That will depend on the concerned activity. On an average, an activity conducted in the city should not exceed 3 to 4 hour; for outstation activities a span of 2 to 3 days may be required.

9. Can participants carry camera, photographic instruments or other gadgets during an activity?
It may be done completely at participant’s own risk and responsibility; we do not bear any accountability for the same.

10. How do I make a payment?
You have the options of cash, cheque (subject to clearance) or online payment. Please refer to our Membership section and visit “Download Form” or “Online Form” sections for details.

11. What happens if my child is unable to attend an activity that she /he is keen on?
The child can definitely continue to attend the next scheduled activity on the activity calendar but the particular activity of choice cannot be repeated immediate specifically for her/him; one will have to wait for the activity to be scheduled again.

12. Are activities repeated?
Definitely; but it also depends on the demand for a particular one.

13. Can a child who does not fall into the prescribed age limit of 9 to 19 years be enrolled?

14. Is there a possibility of your pricing to change?
Yes, the tariff may be revised, but only with prior notification on the website.