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cultural fairs & exhibitions

Have you been to any of the fairs or exhibitions that take place in the city frequently, especially during winter? These are interesting platforms where you come across different activities practiced by people from our city, state, other states and even other countries- at times. Some of these fairs and exhibitions also showcase latest technical developments in fields of construction, engineering, automobiles and many more. We will visit them together- you and us!

The different cultural fairs & exhibitions not only showcase the evolving trends in traditional crafts but also offers a peek into the history of the livelihood. You will be enthralled at the new thoughts that will open in your mind.Do not be surprised if there are beginnings of dreams of having a business of your own someday! It has happened often in the past.

Kolkata Book Fair is said to be the third most attended book fair in the world.
In Fairs or exhibitions, it is crucial to have adequate display of products and advertising. Never use too much— it can all become 'meaningless noise'.
Be careful to use too little - a customer may feel that you are not yet truly into the business!
While visting an exhibition always carry a little snack and water with you.