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The dictionary lists Etiquette as a code of social behavior according to conventional norms within a certain social class or group. However, truly speaking it is much more than that! It is a mindset that allows one to internalise a behaviour blueprint that transcends mere customs but also assists a person build up a mental pattern of discipline. Shall we put our etiquette and manners to test?

Youngsters, often tend to feel that etiquette is old fashioned. The truth is that etiquette reflects a respect and consideration for other cultures and traditions.

Shaking hands as a customary greeting actually began from distrust- to ensure that neither was armed.
The custom of keeping elbows off the table began during the medieval times when nobility thronged to dine with lords and ladies and tables were packed to capacity. Thus, propping elbows on the table would simply be inconvenient for the neighbour.
The custom of clinking glasses for a toast began as a subtle way of spilling a little of one's drink into the neighbor's glass to ensure that poison was not at play!
R.S.V.P.(initials of French phrase to an Invitation Répondez S'il Vous Plaît) - meaning "respond if you please "was a high-society style of 18th century when French was considered classier option. Since about 1845, these four letters have remained on English invitations only as a way of requesting response.