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A long ride out and on to a huge lake; with paved paths lined with coconut trees and an impatient breeze. Riding along a double cycle and then a Shikara cross on the water. Lunch at a Japanese restaurant amidst serene settings and then a round-the-world route plan through the seven wonders of the world! Sounds wonderous? Come with us to the Eco Park at Kolkata- the largest park in India.

Inaugurated in 2012, Eco Park (Prakriti Tirtha) is in Rajarhat. It has emerged as one of the top choices in Kolkata for a relaxing sojourn. Numerous activities amidst pure nature makes this place special! Eco Park literally has something for every kind of person; but be warned – a day may not be enough to explore the entire park! It is enormous, and as it stands now – one of the coolest places in the city.

The park is a 480 acres plot, surrounded by a 104 acres waterbody with an island in the middle.
Vokatta-Kolkata International Kite Festival is held here. Apart from Kite fliers across India, participants from countries like UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the USA, Singapore and Malaysia also participate.
There is an area inside the park called Rabi Aranya, it features trees and plants mentioned by Tagore in his writings; a fantastic effort to re-create the ambience of Shantiniketan.
The Butterfly Garden has a collection of various varieties of butterflies; the Mask with masks from various districts of Bengal and other states of India – are two wonderous components of this park.