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cleaning drive

Do you like a cluttered study table? I am sure you do not! Is it not the same “do-not-like” feeling that you get when you see the roads strewn with rubbish? Poly packs floating by? The parks filled with used wrappers, bottles and uneaten food? That is exactly how we feel too! Let us come together and attempt to clean up as much as we can. We will choose a street or a playground and over a half day sojourn make it spic and span for the residents. We will have lemonade and sandwich breaks and of course a sumptuous lunch packet together! And the waste we generate? We clean it up ourselves.

This is our way of giving back a little to the society we are living in. Moreover, we leave behind a legacy that hopefully someone else will replicate. Trust us, once you look back when the cleaning is done it will give a feeling of high that very few things can match! It is a smile you will remember always.

All volunteers must wear closed-toe, flat-heeled shoes. No sandals, no flip-flops.
Drink plenty of water.
Use litter sticks to pull litter out of bushes.
All litter items should be placed in plastic bags, tied securely shut and stacked.