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Let this be a new kind of vacation! No air-conditioned hotel, no room service, no guided tours. Instead, you will live in a camp, amidst nature and your foyer will be under the open sky. The bed will be a fold out, the evenings gathered around a bonfire, you will cook together with strangers, fetch drinking water from nearby stream. Wake up to a dawn with ample sunshine and the chatter of birds, brew your own coffee on a propane stove and help around to serve breakfast.Go for a walk with fresh friends through leaf strewn lanes, learn about one another and listen to wonderful tales. Bathe in the river, watch the dusk, build a fire and sing a song together. Let the silence of nature lull you to a dreamy slumber!

With the increasing affinity for new experiences close to nature, Camping has become extremely popular in recent times. To live in the shadow of the sand dune or a snow capped mountain for a backdrop; to listen to the stealth of animal feet on grass or to feel the salty sea breeze at the depth of a sleepy night- the excitement is unparallel, no matter where you camp.

Camping is a key element for Scouting and is used to teach teamwork.
Camping, apart from physical well being, also invigorates the mind and emotional set up.
Crickets can help you calculate temperature. Add 40 to the number of chirps of a Cricket in 14 seconds and the sum will be the temperature in Fahrenheit.
Do not set camp too close to water, which is where mosquitoes reside in abundance!