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Do you have old books lying around? You are lucky! There are so many children who have never held an old book, leave alone a new one! What will you do with the old books - sell them off to the monthly “raddiwala”? Don’t! Keep them! We are coming around to collect! We will gather such books and give them to children who have the thirst for knowledge but not the means to acquire it. It will be your legacy that they will bloom in! Happy?

This will help you appreciate the difficulties faced by children from certain sections of the society. A child will study a book that once belonged to you and propel into a path of knowledge that would not have been possible otherwise. You will, through a simple gesture of giving, become an integral part of the journey of another human being. Interesting!

“Any book that helps a child to form reading as one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him” Maya Angelou.
By the age of three, the brain develops to almost 80%; enriching inputs during this period helps to determine the capacity of the brain.
Books are all about words and children need to hear a lot of them for their brains to develop.
Just 15 minutes of reading with a parent every day exposes a child to a million words a year.