As time has advanced it’s rare to experience load shedding in major cities in India and last night was one such rare night when there was a sudden power cut due to a transformer malfunction.

My younger brother was done helping around with the flash light of his phone fearing he would run out of battery. However, that did not stop him from commanding Siri, “Hey Siri, play me some Chill Music”. Siri followed his instruction and started “Chill Radio” which is available on Apple music. Apple Inc. defined Chill Radio as “handpicked songs to help you relax and unwind”.

It was drizzling outside and the songs took over me. I flew back in time when load shedding was regular and we rarely complained.

I remembered, we would grab the seating mats and pillows and speed up the stair case. The entire terrace was already mapped and sorted among the oldies, the elderly, the youngsters and the children. However, during ‘antakshari’ everyone joined in with exhilaration of knowing a song while others were struggling to figure one out. It is for these musical sessions with family that sometimes one can hear me humming aayiye meherbaan away to glory.

There would be times when hilarious gossiping and debating would not seem to end.

We would gradually lie down and stare at the starry sky that seemed endless. Dadaji would never forget to mention that star that shined the brightest was called Dhruv Tara and quite often start narrating some beautiful story leading us to the world of gods and goddesses, how the demons never won and how truth, ethics and morality always prevailed…

…and my flash back was interrupted by my brother putting his phone screen in front of me to make me believe the 1000 views to his Twitter post!

Continuous technological advances are making life much easy for all of us. We have the world on our palmtop. Within this virtual world, let us remember that some healings can also happen only through touch, feel and experience. Rediscover yourself and those joys for your children through

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