Kapoor’s are thrilled with their Goa trip, it has been two years since they travelled last. Mr. Kapoor has already finished his packing but Mrs. Kapoor is still confused.

Mr. Kapoor – “Why are you thinking so much, Neha? Just pack like me na….believe in minimalism!”

Mrs. Kapoor – “Ohho! You are just taking two shoes and four shirts, it’s easy for you. Look at me na…I have so many beautiful Sarees and Salwar suites. Should I take all?”

Mr. Kapoor felt a strong urge to say ‘No’ but said, “Hmm…yeah, take whatever you need.” He did not want to upset her with his opinion.
Suddenly a thought struck him. He asked Neha- “Where is Natasha? She is supposed to pack too! “

Mrs. Kapoor – “Don’t Worry! I am packing her bags. How will she know about planning and packing?”

Mr. Kapoor – “Yes, I understand but why? Isn’t she old enough to plan and organize her belongings? Neha, she needs to know these things. Please call her.”
Mrs. Kapoor – “Natasha!! Come and help me in packing.”

As soon as Natasha came downstairs, she was shocked to see that her mother was asking for help in packing. This is very new to her. She has never done this but felt the need to.

Mr. Kapoor – “Natasha let’s all pack our bags together for this trip. Let us plan together, chat up and learn new things, what say?”

Natasha – “Papa, I have never done this before. Let’s do it now!”

That was one of the most memorable evenings in the Kapoor household. Next day, the packing was done and with a happy heart they left for Goa.

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