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free a bird

Freedom is a desire common to all- humans and other animals. You will not like to be caged, neither would a bird. It not only snatches away its freedom to move, it is also psychologically degrading and depressing. Join us for an enriching session of “Free a Bird”. Under the supervision of seasoned Ornithologists, hold a caged bird in your own hands, bring it out of the cage and release it; watch it fly away! Trust us- the moment will be etched on your soul forever!

In the wild, birds are never alone; they are always in flocks. Captivity for a bird means absolute loneliness, causing mood swings and aggressive behaviour. There are instances when a captive bird has picked out all its feathers! Shifting animals from their natural habitats endangers them and affects entire populations and consequently the ecosystem.

The Hummingbird can fly backwards.
Birds have bones just like humans, but they are all hollow, which gives them the ability to fly.
Birds feathers weigh more than their skeleton does.
Birds are completely unable to sweat, so they constantly breathe to cool down.