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Time to meet inmates of an old-age home. They have lived interesting lives and have arrived at the twilight of their era.They will welcome you with toothless smiles on their wrinkled faces; their hands will shake but their handshakes will be firm. You will learn about their journey and be amazed at the happiness they feel to meet you. You will understand the beauty of this twilight that each and every one of us are destined to face someday. A strange humility will engulf you and make you realise how a little understanding, compassion and company can bring about a deep difference to a human life. We promise you one of the most heart- quenching experiences of your lifetime.

Prepare for some unasked-for advice on hairstyles and clothes. For some unexpected laughter. And to feel tugs on your heartstrings.

India has over
95 million people above the age of 60.
Irrespective of financial status, a vast majority of old people face abuse in some form or the other.
India is considered one of the worst countries to grow old in.
4 in 5 older adults will battle at least one chronic condition or illness such as heart disorder, arthritis, or osteoporosis. 50% will battle at least two.