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There are many things that you come across in your daily lives but are not aware of the actual process of such matters. For example:

  • Operations and processes of a bank
  • The technology of newspaper printing
  • How a radio jockey operates in a FM station?
  • Planning a family holiday
  • Cook a meal for them
  • Packing tricks for a trip
These are exactly some of the things that we will do together, here in these sessions!

Amitabh Bachhan, while looking for work in his youth, was rejected by All India Radio for the post of a radio announcer.
The oldest language newspaper in India is Bombay Samachar published in 1822 in Gujarati. The Hindu published first in 1889 is the oldest English newspaper.
While packing, always roll your clothes- it saves space and helps avoid creasing.
In language used by cooks, SPAM is short for spiced ham.