Upcoming Events

Sports & adventure
Sports & Adventure:
There are many options for the children to choose from! In fact, why choose? Be a part of it all! There will be weekend Trekking trips, Cycling, Rock Climbing, Archery, Kayaking, Canoeing, Rowing, Rappelling and many more such physical activities which invigorates the body and mind!

Nature & environment
Nature & Environment:
These will include nature walks in and around Kolkata to familiarise children with the surrounding flora and fauna. Participants will also be part of initiatives like cleaning a polluted water body, planting saplings, various nature hikes to identify medicinal plants, their usage and other related advantages.

Social & Outreach
Social & Outreach:
This is an initiative to connect children with those strata of society they normally do not get opportunities to interact with. We will visit institutes for the aged, orphans and humans with special needs. This experience will reward them with humility and help to be sensitive towards those who are not so privileged.

Culture & Creative
Culture & Creative:
Aimed to help children discover the rich heritage of our state, we will tour various culturally and historically significant locations; engage with native activities like recitation, singing, drama and dance drama. These will be opportunities to feel indigenous flavours, learn about one another and realise that despite unique differences, the harmony of a common culture quotient makes us so alike!

Awareness & Lifeskills
Awareness & Lifeskills:
Whether it is the knowledge of handling a medical emergency, getting familiar with operations of a bank, preparing a quick meal or the etiquette of a phone call - this set of activities is aimed at empowering youngsters and honing their life-skills as they inch towards adulthood.

Does your child visit the local bazaar? Has she ever changed a flat tyre? Has he handled the washing machine? Have they learnt to change a faulty plug point? Here they will! These sessions will make children aware of the little household chores that make a huge difference to the daily routine of a family.


Regular social activities at Mylestone Champs

We wish our participants to take up certain simple regular activities. These will instil a deep sense of responsibility, create empathy and an enhanced understanding of the world around them.

Plant a sapling

1 a month for the first 3 months. Nurture it, look after it, water it, and watch it grow.

Stop using plastic

Stop. Completely. Start using cloth bags.

Water for birds

Summers are terrible for birds. Pour water in a mud basin and leave it in your veranda. Make it a point to refill and clean.

Recycle waste

Once every fortnight, reach garbage generated at home to people who recycle it. We will let you know where, who and how to go about it.

Report an unwell person/animal/bird on the road

Next time you see a person/animal/bird unwell or injured on the road, do not walk away. We will give you phone numbers of concerned authority where you can report it.

Water for traffic police

Carry a small bottle of water always. The moment you get a chance, hand over this bottle to a policeman managing traffic. Their job takes extensive toll on their bodies. Do your bit to help!

Tackle waste food

Whenever you see food or water being wasted report it to the concerned people. We will let you have the contact details.


Once a week cook a meal at home. It will be a wonderful and happy occasion for the entire family!

Go against smoking

Go completely against this dangerous habit and speak about its ills whenever you get an opportunity, wherever! We will teach you how damaging it can be – to the smoker and to the ones around her or him!